The Dorian Consort has been playing together since 1990. The experience gathered during these years of rehearsing, giving concerts and intensive study of musical styles from the Baroque, Classical and Modern eras has led to simplicity of ensemble playing that surprises even the members of the Consort.

The lively spontaneity of their playing arises from their rehearsal method, which allows experiment with a great variety of musical concepts. Important to the musicians is a rehearsal atmosphere of ease and facility, joy of playing and the courage to take musical risks. This results in friendly competition, a dialogue between the parts that ranges from over brimming frivolity to deep reflection.

In concert this dialogue is extended to the audience: the players and their listeners experience the music together, an experience augmented by the nonverbal communication with each other, binding the audience into the creative process.

Aspects of musical style and of instrumental technique are of course important to the interpretation of a piece of music. The use of modern instruments (the flutes are wooden, with Boehm system) are to be understood as a compromise: modern instruments offer advantages of fingering, dynamic range, easier intonation and better speaking or attack. The musicians however also study early musical sources and so build a bridge between old and new.
This brings The Dorian Consort a step closer to the authenticity and transparence that characterize the musical language of the Baroque and Classical eras.

Concert tours in other countries have brought decisive impulses to The Dorian Consort. In recent years the ensemble has gained valuable experience in China, Bolivia and Cuba. Meeting other cultures and making contact with local classical musicians has had a lasting influence on the playing of the Consort. The sharing of experience and respect for each other lead to new aspects and insights for both sides. This in turn results in openness and flexibility, increased creativity and joie de vivre.

The Dorian Consort wishes to present this experience of vital energy and joy of music in Europe also, and is seeking opportunities outside of conventional concert programming. The individual musicians assume greater responsibility for program planning, public relations and sponsoring. Each member is motivated to take an active part in organizational matters, which underlines the democratic structure of the ensemble.

The presence of The Dorian Consort during their concerts is unique; their music is full of energy, joy and natural elegance. Their sound is sensual and their audiences are touched.

Eva Amsler, February 2004

CD recording
J.S. Bach (BWV 1049/1050/1067), ambitus 97970
J.S. Bach (BWV 82/209/1044), cavalli records CCD317